The poet takes a long time to make his decision in the"The road not taken". What is he thinking about?

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The poet stood at the forked road for a long time to see how far the road was extending. He stood their because he was unable to make a quick decision, He was confused. He knew that a single decision could bring a massive change in the future and he didn't want to have any regrets about that. He was not sure which one would be the best choice.

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The poet takes a long time to make his decision because he was confused about which road should be chosen. As he was only one traveller, so he could not travel both the roads. Thus, he takes a long time in taking a decision which could change his whole journey.

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He is collapsed by choosing the two roads,by the basis of best road.he is bad at decision he takes long time to choose the best road atlast he chose the second road which grassy and not frequently used 🐅
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The narrator of the poem is comparing the decision of which road to take to other decisions that he has made in life. The reader is never told about what other specific decisions, but the implication is there. "Oh, I kept the first for another day! ... With these lines, the speaker is providing past evidence to the reader.
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