The problem of insanitation in your area continues to persist in spite of the"clean India campaign"(swachh bharat abhiyan) launched by the government .write a letter to the editor of local newspaper highlighting the issue.......

Our Prime minister starts the clean india campaign for making cleaniness in our country. But it effects in only some countries. Our society was in very bad condition . it has so much dirtiness in our society . The people collect all thhe waste at a specific place. This creates a very bad smell at surronding place that creates place for mosquitoe breeding which can cause many diseases like jaundice,malaria and dengue which are mosquitoe born diseases. I hope you will accept my request and publish my views.
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The problem of insanitation in your area continue

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Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper highlighting the importance of cleanliness and the need of public participation in the cleanliness drive in your district.




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7G, Rainbow colony,?

?M.G. Road,?


?Mumbai - 400017.?

?7th March, 2019.?

?The Editor,

The Times of India,?

Mumbai - 400001.?

?Subject: Importance of Cleanliness. Public participation in ?Cleanliness Drive?.?

?Respected Sir,?


?Our area ?Dharavi? is mostly filled with dirty and untidy state of things. The roads were damp, the streets unswept. Garbage bins are often overflowing and many people seem to lack any civic sense. They continue to litter the place, despite being reminded of their civic responsibilities through banners and posters.?

? It is the duty of us, to take up the issue of cleanliness in a practical way. So a ?Cleanliness Drive? is being organized by the ?Earth Society? on 10th March, 2019 from 9.00 am onwards all participants will meet at ?Indian Bank?, 90 Feet Road, Dharavi. Cleanliness is the need of the society, so we will make this appeal to the public. All are welcome to participate in this drive to make it a huge success.?

?Thanking you,?

? Yours faithfully,?

Sukhbir kaur
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The problem of in sanitation in your area continue s to presist spipe of the clean India campaign launched by the government write a letter to the editor
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