The radius and slant height of a cone are in the ratio 4:7.If its curved surface area is 792cm2,find its radius

let the radius of the cone be r=4x and its slant height be l= 7x

the curved surface area is 792 cm square.


therefore its radius =4x=4*3=12 cm

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 The radius is 36 cm & slant height 56 cm.Procedure:

pi * r * l=CSA

3.14 * 4x * 7x=792

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radius:slant height=4:7

Curved Surface Area of cone=792cm2

Let the radius of cone be 4x and slant height be 7x

Now, According to question,

Curved Surface Area= pi*r*l


=> 792*7/22=28x2

=> 36*7/28 =x2

=> 4*9*7/7*4= x2

=> 9=x2

=> plus/minus3=x

Since radius cannot be negative,


Therefore The required answer,

Radius= 4*x=4*3=12 cm

Hope it helps!!!

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