The response of the servants to the presence of the American soldier in the family and theta! Sadao and Hana represent two different mindsets the ordinary human preoccupied with an aim of self-preservation and the selfless, kind human who transcends the barriers of fear, prejudice and hatred. Do you agree? Elaborate with reference to the text.

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While Sadao was determined to save the prisoner of war, Hana decided against it at first. Sadao remembered his duty as a doctor first and put his life in danger. Hana was concerned about the security of her family because she was the lady of the house and her first duty was towards her children and husband. Anything which could be harmful for her family, she could not allow it inside the house. However, she decides to support her husband in the end and Sadao tries to get rid of the prisoner by his own means. Thus, it is evident that the two present a different mindset due to their priorities and duties.


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