The story 'Going Places' aptly demonstrates that fantasizing and hero worship are an integral part of the life of a teenager. Comment. [5 marks]


Indeed, "fantasising and hero worshipping are fundamentally a part of the teenage," and the story "going places" vividly illustrates this. Sophie, a young student, is depicted in this scene daydreaming about a life that is clearly out of reach for her. She imagines herself living the glamorous, well-known life of an actress. In her dreams, she and her brother would ride bicycles through the city while she would be dressed in a yellow outfit. Furthermore, Sophie invents a tale about meeting aspiring athlete Danny Casey .She envisions herself in a loving partnership. Teenagers have a natural tendency to fantasise, but it is wrong to ignore the reality. Although Sophie fantasises, she goes beyond what is acceptable. She doesn't know anything about the real world because she just exists in her own fantasy realm. Although she should be aware of reality, it is excellent that she has aspirations and plans for her life. Instead of getting lost in her own dreamland, she should be prepared to strive toward her goals. If she has the fortitude to put in the effort necessary to achieve her rootless aspirations and get the fame and wealth she so desperately wants, she will inevitably become broken.

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