The sum of the numerator and denominator of afraction is 4 more than twice the numerator. If the numerator and denominator are increased by 3. There are in the ratio 2:3 determine the fraction

Let the fraction be x/y where x=numerator and y=denominator.

Clearly there are two cases:

Case 1

According to question,


=>  -x+y=4  => x-y=-4---1) 

Case 2

According to question,






 By elimination method,we get:

  • 3x-3y=-12----3)
  • 3x-2y=-3------4)

By subtracting 3) and 4),we get:


=> -y=-9

So, y=9

On substituting y=9 in 4),we get:


=> 3x=15

So,  x=5

Here, x=5 and y=9.

Therefore,the fraction is:

 x/y = 5/9

Answer:   5/9

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