The summary included the total number of free throws, percent of baskets made, and the total number of times at the free throw line. Fill in the missing parts of the table for Todd and his two friends, Jeremy and Cory. List each player?s name, and then the missing information. Express percent answers rounded to the nearest whole percent

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For Todd:The number of baskets made=Total throws-free throws made=62-45=17Therefore, percentage of baskets made=1762×100=27.41%For Jeremy:Let x be the number of baskets made.Therefore, x80×100=70x=56Thus number of free throws=80-56=24For Cory:Let x be the number of baskets madeTotal number of throws=x+33Therefore, xx+33×100 =6010x=6x+1984x=198x=49.550Therefore total number of throws=x+33=50+33=83

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