The total cost price of 6 pens and 9 pencils is 21.25 rupees  that of 8 pens and 5 pencils is 42.75 rupees, find the price of each of the pen and pencil separately. 
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According to the question let cost of one pen is x and that of pencil is y so 6x+9y = 21.25....1also 8x+5y = 42.75 ....2multiply equation 1 by 8 and  2 by 6 48x+72y= 17048x+30y =256.5subtract both the equation 42y = -86.5y =-86.542  =-2.06so putting this in any of the equatioon 8x =  42.75-5y = 53.05x =  53.058=6.63So cost if one pen = Rs. 6.63cost of one pencil = Rs. -2.06 but negative amount is not possible so please recheck the question


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