Theme of the chapter A Letter to God

Dear Student

The lesson talks about the unwavering faith in God and the assurance that God will listen to us. It teaches the reader that God often uses other people to help us and to lead us in life.


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Full faith in God
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May be
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Yes right talk
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Deep faith in God
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Atheme is not one of one line. u just wright anything to gain points
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Theme ?of 'A Letter to God'
The story ?A Letter to God? by G.L. Fuentes highlights immense power in man?s innocent faith in God. It teaches us that if man has child-like faith in God, he can accomplish anything considered impossible. If with this faith man asks God for help, God responds, though through His own peculiar channels, and fulfills man?s any urgent legitimate desire.

In this story, Lencho has been portrayed as a deeply spiritual man. He had immense faith in God's goodness and generosity. After his crop was destroyed in a storm, he wrote a letter to God requesting Him to send him 100 pesos. His faith was rewarded. God helped him through the postmaster. Since the postmaster had only 70 pesos, he sent them all to maintain Lencho's faith in God. The innocent Lencho thanked God for his help; he also wrote another letter to God asking him to send 30 more pesos. He appealed to God to send the money through some other means, as he suspected the post office employees were crooks.
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