There are 4/9 of boys are in the school and 775 of girls . Find the number of boys

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Let the total no. of students in the school be x,and the no. of boys will be 4x9and the given no. of girls are = 775According to the question;x-4x9=7759x-4x9=7755x9=775x=775×95=155×9=1395So the no. of boys will be : 1395-775=620


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Sol Let the number of boys be x According to the question x-4/9ofx=775 =x-4/9*x=775 =x-4x/9=775 =9x-4x/9=775 =5x/9=775 =5*x=9*775 =x=9*775/5 =x=6975/5 =x=1395 =Total no. Of students =1395 Total no. Of girls =775 Therefore Total no. Of boys =1395-775 =620 Answer:The total no. of boys is 620
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