there are many ideas about how the world will end. do you think the world Will end some day? have you ever thought what would happen if the sun got so hot that it bursts or grew colder and colder

There are all sorts of discussions on this topic. However, no body knows what will happen in future. When and how will earth come to an end is not known. Scientific researches are being done every then and now but nothing has come for sure till now.

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these all are humours which are there in the world.It is the nature of social life to have humours so that they come in lime light you should actually know that when a person really needs to have someone attention on him at that time such humours are created due to which they will get attention. Yeah it might be true bcoz seeing the development of this world  is not eco- frndly although new ideas are being crearted but it will be too late when they come into existence.

so I do believe  that just live ur day today bcoz u dont know what might happen tomorrow  so njoy today dont be worried about dieing as evryone comes in this world to die. 

hope it helps


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yes i believe that some or the other day earth will also have its end. Because as our Indian Hindu mythology says that there are 4 yugas. the last yuga is our yuga kali yuga. all the 3 yugas completed and this is 4th yuga. like the same we will complete this yuga also. when all the bad things go away then this is called the end. may be the earth can change its environment anything can happen it is up to nature. No body can say anything now, in /nepal earthquake was unexpected. 
so we have to care the nature and it cares us too. leave the day u have got hapilly. Have a nice day. 
hope this helps
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