There is a cartoon in the chapter federalism of political science on page number 16 saying that," Isn't that strange did our constitution maker not know about federalism or did they wish to avoid talking about it?" As it is written in the book that the constitution declares India as a union of states although it did not use the word Federation, the Indian union is is based on the principles of federalism.

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a. Most of our leaders during the course of national movement were aware about the principle of federalism.The government of India Act of 1935 served as an important step towards the framing of Constitution as it provided for an All India federation with division of powers between the Provinces and British India.
b. As our country gained independence our political leadership realised the importance of sharing powers between the centre and the States.
c. They believed that in order to govern a large territory like India, it was imperative to divide the powers between the centre and the state.
d. At the same time, in looking into the social, regional and linguistic diversity of the country, there was much of the consensus that adequate representation to such diverse interests could  only come about through federalism.
e. However, since India emerged independent under difficult and painful circumstances. Partition  of the country, problem with regard to integration of princely states, socio economic problems like poverty, illiteracy, inequalities made it imperative to opt for a strong centre.
f. Thus, the Constitution declared India as the Union of States and did not use the word federalism to prevent disintegration of the country.

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