This is content for my English ASL on the topic 'Pollution'. Please tell me what modifications, additions, terminations have to be made on the content. I have to speak for around 4 minutes.

Dear Student,

Please make the following changes in your answer. This is enough for a 4 minute speech. 
  • ... issues of our planet and mankind.
  • In the recent years...
  • ... tackle this problem now, future generations will suffer...
  • ... effects of pollution. As the world is getting...
  • ... air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and noise pollution.
  • So the main causes of air and water pollution are unbalanced industrial growth, urbanization and deforestation.
  • .. the waste material onto the surface of the earth or into the rivers.
  • So, the water gets polluted...
  • ... consequences on life in this planet.
  • ... the change must begin with us.
  • ... as we all can contribute to it.

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