though Oscar Wilde tells a humorous tale he has a message which he delivers through Virginia.Elucidate in about 120-150 words

Oscar Wilde's mode of narration and the content of this story would seek to illustrate the humourous aspect of the narrative. However, in the character of Virginia, we encounter the importance of the pure and the good-hearted in this world. Evil cannot exist for long, whether it be harmful or harmless because its very existence is a challenge to the goodness in the world. The ghost does not bother Virginia and forsake any plans to disturb her, this is an indication that the ghost might also be in some sense be aware of the inherent goodness of the girl. It is also to be noted that Wilde leads us to believe that everyone deserves a second chance and an opportunity for redemption, this is the message delivered by Virginia's character. â€‹Virginia was a kind-hearted and considerate girl whose sympathy extended even to a ghost. Her eyes grew dim with tears as she heard the ghost narrate his tale and she resolved to help the ghost. Virginia did not feel frightened, her heart went out to the ghost because he led a pitiable existence that had apparently no hope for salvation. An old withered almond tree had blossomed after the ghost found redemption, it was reflective of the fact that the ghost had found forgiveness from god. Virginia had become the instrument of peace and happiness for the ghost.

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