Though the silliest point of time to ask this but i want to know what these cartoons mean??


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Please find below the solution to the asked query.
  •  When democratic politics is based on race,religion,caste or any other social divisions .This situation divides the society and led to conflicts .These conflicts based on discrimination is not healthy for democracy.
  • Contrary to it ,when these divisions are lessen through democratic means it leads to development of each and every strata of society .It creates an environment which people can prosper together.
Hope this information will clear your doubt.


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The first one shows that instead the two communities are same but they can't coordinate with each other but the other shows that it doesn't matter for the two communities that they are different for each other and without being enimies, they greet each other.
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We have to revise these cartoons also for CBSE EXAMINATIONS?????
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