Today's students are bowed by the burden of school bags regarding this problem make a dialougue writing between two friends regarding this issue

Hello Aditya Manoj, let me thank you first as you have given me a platform to let out my pressure regarding this non planned, brutal imposition of carrying burden unnecessarily. Now let us meet two friends conversing about the same.
Bala : Hi Mala. How is your studies going on?
Mala : Nice Bala. But the problem is to carry such a heavy load daily to the school
Bala : Yes I too hate such a brutal punishment on us 
Mala: It is all due to the ignorance of our elders, both teaching faculty and parents
Bala: How do you say that they are ignorant?
Mala : Yes definitely. Learning means a change is behaviour. I have realized this in my experience. 
          Suppose if I be with my mom in the kitchen observing her activities I could easily learn and get the basic           skills of cooking things
Bala: Are u really interested in cooking?
Mala: Why not? It is actually an art. You too will get interested if you observe the same
Bala: Burden is due to so many text books and too many note books
Mala: Yes there is no need to have such a vast number. Now a days we have web site facilities. So we can observe           and come to know about historical incidences. So no need to have history book.
Bala: Moreover examination too could be eradicated. Thereby writing in so many note books as well as doing home           work with work books can be avoided.
Mala: If exams have been abolished then how could they come to know whether we have learnt or not to the             expected level?
Bala: Actually our teacher would examine us daily in the school hours and come to know about the behavioural           change in us.
Mala:  So you stress to avoid the examinations for all subjects?
Bala: Not for all. Particularly writing exams for languages, history - Geography could be dropped. In fact no need to           memorize the dead things. Language is perfect if one has a skill to speak and read it properly. If exam stress is           removed then more time will be available to learn spoken and do extra curricular activities such a playing                  drama, getting involved in musical concerts, dancing etc. 
Mala: It seems so nice, Bala. We students will be free from clutches of writing exams and teachers also will be free            from the boredom of correcting those.
Bala: Let us pray the Almighty to give the enlightenment to our teaching community and to our parents so soon.
Mala: True Bala. Let us expect the same soon to be implemented

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