Tour mother promised you to buy a new gadgets. on achieving a good result. You are awaiting the good result, as well as the gadget. Explain your anticipation in a diary entry?

9 pm

Dear Diary
Today I want to share my feelings with you again as I always do. Today was my last exam. But I am not feeling relieved of the burden as yet. Before my exams had started my mother had told me that if I will get 90% marks or above in this term she'll buy me my own personal i-pad. I was so excited that I made a promise to myself that I'll work very hard and try my best to get good result. I really burnt the midnight oil and put in my best possible efforts to get the desired result. My exams also went off well but there is still a nervousness that is continuously disturbing me. I want my i-pad but more than that I am keeping my fingers crossed for getting a good result. I really don't want my hard work to go in vain. Please wish me luck!!
Good Night

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