Transformation of sentences:
1-Every man grows wiser with age.(adverb clause.)
2-Look before you leap.(interchange the principal and subordinate clause)
3-He came into the class when the bell had rang.(interchange the principal and subordinate clause)
4-I entered the room just when she was weeping.(interchange the principal and subordinate clause)
5-His end is not very far now.(affirmative)
6- He died instantly.(noun clause)
7-He resembles his father..(noun clause)
8-The institution has been established after all.(noun clause)
9-Why was he expelled?(noun clause)


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Please find below the solution to the asked query:

1.As a man ages he grows wiser.
2.Before your leap, you should look.
3.When the bell had rung he came into the the class.
4.Just when she was weeping, I entered the room.
5.His end is very near.
6.Instant was his death.
7.He bears resemblance to his father.
8.After all, the institution has been established.
9.What was the reason for his expulsion?

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