Try question 12 from Ranga's marriage in brief

Try question 12 from Ranga's marriage in brief Why is it important not to blindly follow what others do or say,' Q8. Is the story "Ranga's Marriage" relevant in modern times? Why/ Why not? Q9. Do you think English or foreign education is always better than the indigenous system of education? Why / Why not? WThere is there such a craze for 'higher education' in a foreign country? QIO. The narrator takes a lot of pride in his village, its specialties, its culture, its fruits and flowers and its people. Why do you think people often take pride in their culture and heritage? Do you think they should be able to appreciate other cultures, too? Give reasons in support of your answer. 11. What place does English enjoy in your region or culture? Do you think it is still considered to be a colonial stigma or is it considered to be medium of empowerment and progress? Give reasons in support of your views. 2. What personal and social values do you think are dear to the narrator of the story? Do you think they are worth living in the contemporary world? Why / Why not? Space for Notes

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