Turn the following into Indirect Speech:

1. He said to me, " I have often told you not to play with fire."

2. One day he sent for Cassim and said to him, " You are now old enough to earn your living, so you must set off, and make your own way in the world."

3. " You have all done very badly!" remarked the teacher.

4. He wrote and said, ' I am unable to come just now because I am ill,but i will certainly start as soon as I am well enough to do so."

5. They wrote, ' It is time we thought about setting this matter.'

1. He said to me that he had often advised me not to play with fire.
2. One day he sent for Cassim and told him he was old enough then to earn his living, so he must set off and make his own way in the world.
3. The teacher exclaimed unhappily that they had all done very badly.
4. He wrote and said that he was unable to come just then as he was ill, but he would certainly start as soon as he was well enough to do so.
5. They wrote that it was time they thought about setting that matter.

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