two cells of emf 10v and 2 v and internal resistance 10 n 5 respectively are connected in parallel.find effective voltage across R which is placed parallel to both

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Given situation is drawn in the following diagram.

So, the circuit can be simplified to a state, where a single cell of emf and a single internal resistance can be placed between A and B. Here, the question is to calculate VAB.
So, from effective resistance formula,
1Reff = 1R1+1R2 = 110+15 = 1+210Reff = 103 Ω 
from effective emf formula,
Ieff = I1 + I2VeffReff = V1R1 + V2R2  Veff103 = 1010+25 Veff = 10375Veff = 143 = 4.67 V
Therefore, VAB = 4.67 V

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