Two conductors P and R have capacities in the ratio 2:3.The conductor P recieves a charge and share it witth R.Compare the total energy of P and R after sharing with the energy of P before sharing.

Let us suppose that P recives the charge q  and shares with R than after sharing charge remains q/2  on both surfaces of P  and R 
After sharing 
Total energy of P and R
Uafter -P = q222C1 = q28C1Uafter -R = q222C1 = q28C2total after = q28C1+q28C2 =q28(12+13) =5q28×6=5q248   .....1>now  before totall energy of P  is Uinitially  -P  = q22C1 =q22×2 =q24      .......2>dividing both above equation 5q248q24 = 512 =5:12  

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