two elements x (at mass 16) and y (at mass 14) combine to form compounds a,b and c. the ratio of differebt masses of y which combines with a fixed mass of x in a,b and c is 1:3:5. if 32 parts by mass of x combines with 84 parts bymass of y in b, then in c 16 parts by mass f x willl combine with:
a) 14 parts by mass of y 
b)42 parts by mss of y
c) 70 parts by mass of y
d) 84 parts by mass of y

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In B, 32 parts of x combine with y=84 parts16 parts of x will combine with y =42partsNow, the number of parts of x in both B and C is of equal masses of y which combine with a fixed mass of x in B and C in the ratio 3:5mass of y in Bmass of y in C =3542 partsmass of y in C=35mass of y in C=53×42 =70 parts

Hence option C is correct.

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