Two major environmental issues facing the world today are_____________ and_____________.

Two major environmental issues facing the world today are global warming and ozone depletion.

Global warming refers to the phenomenon of sustained increase in global temperature due to environmental pollution and deforestation. It is caused by the emission of Green House Gases, particularly, carbon dioxide. The increase in the level of carbon dioxide raises the temperature of the earth surface, accelerating the melting of polar ice. This leads to the rise in the sea level. Thus, the disturbed ecological balance leads to increasing natural calamities, posing a threat to human survival.

Ozone acts as a cover for the earth surface that is very essential for the sustenance of life. It prevents the harmful ultra violet radiations from penetrating the earth surface. But its depletion is becoming a global concern these days. This is due to the excessive use of cooling substances in the air conditioners and the refrigerators. As ozone depletes, the possibility of ultra violet radiations penetrating to the earth surface increases, posing a threat to the life on earth.

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