Two monochromatic radiations of frequencies v1 and v2 (1>2) and having the same intensity are in turn , incident on a photosensitive surface to cause photoelectric emission.
Explain giving reason in which case more number of electrons will be emitted.

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Number of electrons emitted is only dependent on the intensity of the incident light and not its frequency.
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The given answer in arihant publications says that I = nhv where v is frequency and that if v1>v2 so n1>n2 . I couldn't account for this .
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I also read second answer in one paper. Which one is correct?
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Actually, strictly following NCERT, the answer is both have same photoelectric emission. Because, it depends only on source of radiation, nature of metal and intensity of light. 

However, stopping potential is more negative for v1 than v2.
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