Two polaroids P1 and P2 are placed in crossed positions. A third polaroid P3 is kept between P1 and P2 such that pass axis of P3 is parallel to that of P1 . How would the intensity of light (I2 ) transmitted through P2 vary as P3 is rotated ? Draw a plot of intensity ‘I2 ’ Vs the angle ‘θ’, between pass axes of P1 and P3 . 

Use Malus law twice

for P1 and P3 I cos²x
for P3 and P2 I cos²(90-x)
you'll get I/4 sin²2x
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plot the points and draw the graph. it will be 0 at x=0 and 90, maximum at x=45
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Refer to this

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Just a try to solve the question... Correct me if I'm wrong....

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Tried to solve it... Please correct me if I am wrong..

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