U R Robin De'souza,the Sports Captain of Bal Bharti Public School,Delhi.The Sports Officer of your school has asked you to wrie a notice asking the players of ur school cricket team to attend a meeeting with the team coach Mr Kevin Prereira who wants to select players for a District Level Cricket Tounament beginning on 15th March 20xx.Write a notice in not more than 50 words.



09 AUGUST 2013


This is to inform all the cricket players of the school to attend a meeting which is conducted by the team coach Mr Kevin Prereira for the selection of the players for a District Level Cricket Tournament beginning on 15th March 2013.The interested players should meet at sport's room on 6th February.

Robin De'souza

The Sports Captain

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Write an article to be published in ur school magazine on the topic 'Advantages of Cycling'

Here are some useful hints for writing the article:

good exercise - economical - saves money - fuel prices going up - no pollution - no noise - no congestion on roads - no traffic jams - need to promote cycling in India - follow China's example --- bicycles more popular than cars - India largest producer -can it be the largest user?

Ma'am{Mansi Shah(parent) }u give me a fabolous ans I request u to give one more ans I will thankful to u

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Paragraph 50 words

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