Underline the interrogative pronouns and circle the relative pronouns in 
following sentences. 
a. Which is the dish you like the most? 
b. Tell me what you understood from the lecture. 
c. Why didn't you come to the party last night? 
d. Anshu is the boy whose sister is our new classmate. 
e. I have these movies. Which ones would you like to borrow? 
f. Did she tell you where she went? 
g. What would you like to eat? 
h. We know the man who bought this house.

Dear Student,
Given below are the answers to two of your questions.

2. b. Soon this book will be yours.
c. Is this umbrella yours?
d. Those toys were his.
e. Are these pens hers?
f. That car was mine.

4. b. what - relative pronoun
c. why - interrogative pronoun
d. whose - relative pronoun
e. which - interrogative pronoun
f. did - interrogative pronoun; where - relative pronoun
g. what - interrogative pronoun
h. who - relative pronoun

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