**URGENT**I have similar question before also but you have not understand Q . Is Coal ,petroleum, and natural gas uses final source of energy as electricity and also as the primary source?explain with the help of example?It is given in T.R.JAIN.how they are used as final?why convert these resources?P no.196

Shivang, it is advisable that at the very first instance you try to explicit mention your doubt. This helps us to understand the same and accordingly enables us to provide you with required resolution. Obviously, this time you have tried to quote the reference along with explicitly mentioning your doubt. I hope you do this every time from now on. Help us so that we can help you better :-)

Now, let me answer your question. Coal, crude oil and natural gas can be categorised as primary as well as final sources of energy. Before, we raise our eyebrows and utter the question "why?????", let's have a look at the respective definitions.

Primary energy sources: These sources need not to be transformed into any other forms and are readily in useable form. For instance, solar energy, unprocessed coal (when used by rural women for cooking), petrol (precisely crude oil). These are used in the form as received from earth.

Final energy sources: These sources need to be transformed into any other forms before these are used by final users. For instance, coal energy or kinetic energy of waterfall are transformed using thermal plants or hydroelectric plants. Similarly, petrol used to run our cars and natural gas used for cooking are derived from the distillation process of petrol and refining process. 

Thus, coming to the conclusion why coal, crude oil are treated both types of energy sources. When coal is used by the final users say by industries or rural households it is unprocessed and is used in the form as derived from earth. In this instance, it is primary source of energy. Similarly, when crude oil is used by the industries, it is again categorised as primary source, since no transformation and processing is required. On the other hand, when we use petrol, it is not the crude oil, it is processed crude oil (after distillation process), hence, it is categorised as final source of energy. 

This is what is meant by the statement as quoted on the page 196, when it states 'depending upon the end-use'- i.e. who is using the energy- this is taken as a base to categorised energy sources as final or primary sources or both.


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