Use the following words both as verb and noun.

[i]laugh- His laugh is contagious. (noun)         He laughed out aloud. (verb)
[ii]smile- He has a beautiful smile. (noun)       He smiled at me. (verb)
[iii]work- Work is worship. (noun)                   He worked hard to achieve success. (verb)
[iv]read-  Let me have a read of this book before I answer your question. (noun)
                Please read the instructions carefully. (verb)

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Hello Sai
i Augh as a noun is not possible
Augh as a verb : He aughed at his work
Smile as a noun is not possible 
Smile as a verb: He gave me a smile when i helped him.
Work as a noun is not possible.
Work as a verb: He works daily.
Read as a noun is not possible.
Read as a verb: Sai read the book silently.
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