uses and disadvantages of electroplating?

Uses of electroplating:

  1. To prevent the objects from corrosion by electroplating a layer of non- corrosive metal on the objects.
  2. To give shine and luster to the objects.
  3. To make the objects such as ornaments less expensive( by electroplating gold or silver on less expensive metals)
  4. To prevent certain materials such as food from getting spoilt(by electroplating iron cans used for storing food with tin)

Disadvantages of electroplating:

  1. It is time consuming
  2. The used conducting solution is a polluting waste and its safe disposal is a concern.
  3. Initial high cost
  4. Plating may not be uniform.

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Oh!well............there are many advantages of electroplating but some are as follows:
1)It saves the metal from corrosion and rusting.
2)It makes the metal durable and lustrous.

Electroplating is a process where metal ions are moved using an electric field to coat an electrode. This process is primarily used to change properties of the surface of an object. Some disadvantages of electroplating might be that its time consuming, it may not be uniform, and the coating may be brittle.

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