Uses of imbibition.

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Imbibition is the phenomenon of adsorption of water or any liquid by the solid particles of a substance without forming a solution. Solid substances or adsorbents which take part in imbibition are called imbibants,e.g.,seeds,dry wood. Breaking of the seed coat in germinating seeds is due to greater imbibitional swelling of the seed kernel (starch and protein) as compared to seed coverings (cellulose). Seedling is able to come out of soil due to development of imbibition pressure. Jamming of wooden frames during rains is caused by swelling of wood due to imbibition. In older times, the imbibition pressure was used in breaking the rocks and stones. Dry wooden stakes, if driven into a small crack inn a rock and then soaked, can develop enough pressure to split the rock. During imbibition, the water molecules get tightly adsorbed and become immobilised. The imbibate is held in between and over the surface of particles of the solid substance through the process of capillarity and adsorption.


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Imbibition is a seed's or a plant's absorption of water, a process that causes swelling in some plant cells and organs. Seeds undergo imbibition swelling when exposed to water. The process of imbibition is important to the plant since it encourages seedlings to emerge out of the soil and establish themselves.
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 Imbibition is a special type of diffusion when water is absorbed by solids-colloids causing an enormous increase in volume. Examples include the absorption of water by seeds and dry wood.
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the absorbtion of one substance by other specially uptake of water by seeds or plants
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