using X-ray diffraction method , the unit length of NaCl crystal was observed to be 0.5627nm. The density of the crystal was found to be 2.164gcm-3 what type of defect exist in the crystal ? calculate the percentage Na+ and Cl- missing from missing from the crystal lattice 

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NaCl has an ionic structure. So, the crystal can have only ionic defects.

We know that NaCl has fcc structure.
So , z = 4, M = 58.5 g mol-1,a = 0.5627 nm=5.627 x 10-8 cm , NA = 6.022 x 1023
Density = d = ZMa3NA=4 × 58.55.627×10-83×6.022 ×1023=2.18 g cm-3
But, observed density= 2.164 < d
Since the stoichiometry of the compound is maintained but the observed density is lesser than the calculated density, it has a Schottky type defect.

Now, change in density = 2.18-2.164 = 0.016 g cm-3
So , 
Percentage of ions missing = Percentage of change in mass = 0.0162.18×100=0.734%

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