ustaad bismillah khans life is a perfect example of the rich cultural heritage of india. support the statement in reference to the text???

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Ustad Bismillah Khan brought the shehnai to the centre of the classical music stage through his hard work and tireless practice. Born to a family of renowned musicians and having been trained by his uncle, Ali Bux, Ustad Bismillah Khan surpassed all of them as he honed his art through hours of practice and innovation. His simplicity and humility were evident in the way he conducted himself, he could not be comfortable in the artificiality and glamour of celluloid world and so eventually dissociated himself from the world of film music. He was deeply in love with his country, especially with Benaras and Dumraon: this made him give up the opportunity of opening a music school in USA. He was a true ambassador of India and its rich heritage.


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Ustad Bismillah Khan was a great lover of his own culture and tradition as he heartly want to flourish our own culture and tradition in our own country.Also , he do not want to teach by going in any foreign country due his pure devotion to Ganga.
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