Varun measure the length of a thread with his hand span if length of thread is 3 and the term of hand span he measure 20 then calculate the length of hand span of Varun (in cm)

Dear Student,Given,Length of the thread ,l=3m=300cmNumber of hand spans,n=20Length of one hand span=ln=30020=302=15cmRegards

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Any motion in which objects take a straight path is known as a rectilinear mog[24/07, 2:42 PM] Masi: Example People riding an elevator within a building are in rectilinear motion.
[24/07, 2:46 PM] Masi: 2nd-jute fibre made from jute plant bark and stem

fibre is extracted from retting process

Retting is the process of extracting fibre from jute plant by bundling the joot stems
[24/07, 2:50 PM] Masi: 3rd-Roughage has numerous health benefits. It helps improve digestion and promotes gut health. It may also improve certain risk factors for heart disease and help you manage your weight and blood sugar.
[24/07, 2:53 PM] Masi: Q5(a) Water and salt are two major ingredients in our food that are not obtained from plants or animals. Water comes from rain, pond, lakes and oceans. Salt also comes water bodies
[24/07, 2:56 PM] Masi: Q5(b) seeds of musturd plants are used to take musturd oil.. And ginger is obtained from stem
[24/07, 2:57 PM] Masi: Q5(c) Ghee is obtained by churning cream or malai (a residue of warm milk) followed by simmering the converted butter (by churning malai) on low heat,
[24/07, 3:07 PM] Masi: Q6-Fiber is a natural or man-made substance that is significantly longer than it is wide.
natural fibers come from plants and animals, while synthetic fibers are made from chemical compounds, and each is valued in the textile industry for different reasons.
[24/07, 3:10 PM] Masi: Ye diagram bhi banana dhng setion.Spinning


Cotton bolls
? Cotton yarn
Cotton fabric

? Cotton fibre

Cotton shirt

The making of cotton shirt is a long process. From cotton bolls, cotton is usually picked up from
the plants in the fields usually by hand. Fibres are then separated from the seeds by combing.

This process is called ginning

In spinning processes, the fibres from a mass of cotton wool are drawn out and twisted. This
brings the fibres together to form a long and twisted thread called 'yarn'.

In weaving process, cotton fabric is made by arranging two sets of cotton yarns at right angles to
one another. Weaving is done on looms. Now, on sewing this cotton fabric by needle on sewing
machine we get the cotton shirt.
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A span is the distance measured by a human hand, from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the little finger
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