waht is difference between colon and semicolon


  • It represents a pause of greater significance than comma
  • It separates the clauses of compound sentences containing comma. For example: 

 She was a talented, confident lady; and we all followed her advice

  •  It also separates a series of loosely related clauses. For example:

 Her beauty was divine; her life serene.


  • It represents a pause of even greater significance than a semicolon.
  • It is used to introduce a quotation. For example:

 Shakespeare said: "what's in a name?"

  • It is used before giving examples.
  • It is used between the sentences that are grammatically independent but connected in meaning.

 Vicky could not sleep: he was drunk.

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 A semicolon is represented by the symbol (;). There are two main rules for using a semicolon. Semicolons are used in a sentence to combine two separate independent clauses. These clauses can very well be combined with a comma and a conjunction (, and), but using a comma and a conjunction can slow down a reader. To maintain the speed of the reader, semicolons are used instead. For example, She went to see the new mall; it was huge.

A colon is represented by the symbol (:). A colon is used to introduce something, the details come later. For example, A Broadway show requires many skills: singing, dancing, and acting.

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