wat r conidia, gemmules, buds and zoospores?? pls explain

 A spore is a single or several celled reproductive structure that detaches from the parent and gives rise, directly or indirectly, to a new individual. Conidia  are non motile asexual spores of kingdom fungi. 

Gemmules are the specialized asexual spores formed in sponges. It gives rise to a new individual.

In Hydra, the cells divide rapidly at a specific site and develop as an outgrowth called a bud. These buds, while attached to the parent plant, develop into small individuals.

Zoospore is an asexual spore that is motile and moves with the help of flagellum. It is produced by some algae, bacteria and fungi

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 conidia- these are non motile spores produced singly or in chains by constriction at the tip or lateral side of special hyphal branches, called conidiophores. they are produced exogenously, dispersed with wind and germinate directly by giving out germ tubes. these are formed in penicillium.

gemmules- gemmules = internal buds. in freshwater sponges and in few marine sponges buds are formed within the parent body.these are gemmules.these consists of small groups of cells enclosed by a protective coat.during favourable conditions the mass of archaeocytes comes out through micropyle and later forms new colony.

buds- bud is a daughter individual arising from the parent body formed from small projections.

zoospores-the zoospores are the special kind of motile and flagellated spores produced inside the zoosporangia. they are generally naked (withot cell wal). the flagella help to swim in aquqtic habitatfor proper dispersal.these occur in some lower fungi phycomycetes and some algae.

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