we have the cbse literature reader( functional english) to learn in grade 11. this is because i study in the UAE. this text book has not been uploaded on meritnation yet. please upload at earliest. its contents are:-

1- the eyes have it (ruskin bond), the suitor and papa (anton chekov), quality (john galsworthy etc. prose or story

2- our land(subramania bharathi), gitanjali(rabindarnath tagore) etc. poetry

3- teacher, teacher (ellison carroll). drama.

We have taken into consideration the need for study material on grade 11 Literature Reader (Functional English). We would come up with the desired content in future. 

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 we are in need of these chapters ... pls ... upload ....

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 i too need from solutions for the same


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 Same here 

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me too 

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 i m also in need of the same book!

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