1. We ____went_____(go) to Guwahati by Rajdhani Express last month.
  2. Rajdhani train ____is______ (be) a fully air conditioned train.
  3. It _______provided____ (provide) food, cold drinks, water and the blankets at night.
  4. The journey ___was____ (be) cool. It imparted solace to the soul and mind.
  5. On the opposite, ___was ______ (be) a priest.
  6. He ___is__________ (be) in the church of Patna for twenty years.
  7. I was informed that he ___read___ (read) a book.
  8. He did not say when he _came_____ (come).
  9. I hope that you ____will pardon_____ (pardon) me soon.
  10. He taught me that good deeds _______ (be) never lost.
  11. Please correct it and send .

Dear Student 
10) are

All other solutions you provided are correct. 

Keep it up. 


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