wedding/birthday invitation and advertisement format.



1. For details on an invitation letter, please follow the given link:



2. Here is the sample format for an advertisement:



Sale! Sale! Sale!

 Redefine your style this season with the exquisite umbrellas at 


K.P.Umbrella Collection

C-23, Central Market, Batala


 - Umbrellas in vibrant colours

 -  Special cartoon character umbrellas for kids 

 -  Durable and at Nominal Prices


 Hurry! Offer valid till stocks last!


*Special discount for customers carrying this advertisement with them.



Following points should be kept in mind:


  1. Start by choosing a single benefit of your product or service that you wish to highlight above everything else. This would talk about the reliability and the reason why it is special above all other products.
  2. Write attention-grabbing headlines. This is very important.
  3. Write a list of all the features of your product or service then translate each of these into a benefit for the customer.
  4. End by telling the reader what to do; e.g. "Ring now" or "Click here to order now for immediate delivery!" Needless to say, ordering details must be clearly visible and simple to follow.


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