What are 1. Unicisternal fungi. 2. chitosomes. 3. Trichogyne of female gametangium 4. apicalpatillae or opercula of mastigomycotina

5. antheridian female oogonia of mastigomycotina

1. Unicisternal Fungi: Cisterna is the flattened membrane disk shaped apparatus of the golgi body below vesicles. Typically their no. may vary from 3 to 7. If the golgi body in the fungi cell has only one cistern, the fungi is said to be unicisternae.

2. Chitosomes: As you know, wall of fungi is made up of a unique substance called chitin. So, chitosomes are intracellular membrane bounded particle found in fungi which contain enzyme chitin synthatase. The enzyme chitin synthatase helps in
synthesis of chitin microfibrils. Also, Chitins acts as reservoir for regulated transport of this enzyme.

3. Trichogyne of female gametangium:The female gametangium of a fungus is called ascogonium or oogonium. The stalk like structure at the apical end of the oogonium is called trichogyne. It functions as the receptive part of the oogonium to receive male gamete.

4. apicalpatillae or opercula of mastigomycotina: it should be apical papillae or operculum of mastigomycotina.: Mastigomycotina is a subdivision of Eumycota division of fungi.In this subdivision, asexual reproduction occurs by zoospores
(motile asexual spore with flagella). The sporangia (structure bearing spores) release these spores through the lid present at the apex of the sporangia known as Operculum.

5. Please be a bit more specific in this one.

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