what are 3 carboxylic acids of krebs cycle

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Kreb;s cycle is known as tricarboxylic acid cycle because of the first product, citric acid which contains 3 carboxyl (COOH) groups.

Apart from this, the carboxylic containing group is citric acid, succinic acid, Oxaloacetate.


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Krebs Hansleit Cycle is also called Ornithyine cycle or Urea Cyle.
The major role is played by 3 carboxylic / amino acids which are as follows :
  • Ornithine
  • Sitrulline
  • Arginin
​​These all are non-protein amino acids.
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Kindly note you used the word only Kreb , which is absolutely wrong . Anyone can get confused in this.
Note : If u write only Krebs cycle then it can even mean to someone ...kreb cycle in mitochondria which do not require those acids (aerobic respiration).
so u must completely write the whole name i.e Krebs Hansleit  to make ur question clear.
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