What are Adjective Phrases?

The term adjectival phrase, adjective phrase, or sometimes phrasal adjective may refer to any one of three types of grammatical phrases

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Adjective is a word which gives an additional detail about the meaning of a noun.


An adjective may be a word or a group of words with the same meaning.


• Mr. Clinton is wealthy man.

What kind of man is Mr. Clinton is answered by the word ‘wealthy’. The same word can be replaced with a group of words ‘of great wealth’.

• Mr. Clinton is a man of great wealth.

Both these sentences convey the same meaning but different adverbs.

The phrase ‘of great wealth’ means the same what the word ‘wealthy’ means.
The phrase ‘of great wealth’ is an adjective.

The adjective in a group of words is called ADJECTIVE PHRASE.


• The Politician is a kind man.
This sentence can be worded in different manner using a different adjective phrase.

• The Politician is man of kindly nature.
The phrase ‘of kindly nature’ is an adjective phrase.


• These students belonged to the hill tribe.

• The students belong to the tribe dwelling in the hills.


• June-23 is the longest day.

• June-23 is the day of the greatest length.

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