what are lobefins and founder's effect?

Lobefins (also called Crossopterygians) are the kinds of  lunged bony fishes with paired rounded and fleshy fins and  rounded scale. These are extinct except for the coelacanths and some lung fishes. They are regarded by some as ancestors of amphibians and other terrestrial vertebrates. 

Founder's effect is defined as the the loss of genetic variation that occurs when few members of the original population establish a new isolated population. This new population which is different from the original population both in terms of its genotypes and phenotypes gradually develops into a new species and evolve further. ‚Äč This effect was described Ernst Mayr in 1942.

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when some indivisuals of a population shift to a new place and there is gr8 chnge in allele frequency it results in speciation and these indivisuals r called founders and the ffect founder effect..

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and lobefins??

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fis with strong and stout fins that could move on land and go bak to water... they evolved into amphibians///

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