what are phrasal verbs ?

Phrasal verbs are an important part of the everyday English language— both spoken and written. They are also known as multi-word verbs. These are the verbs that contain a verb and another word(s). Very often, the meanings of these verbs are different from the meanings of the verbs with which they are made.

For example:

After long discussions, we finally arrived at a solution that pleased all.

(Here, the phrasal verb ‘arrived at’ is made up of the verb ‘arrive’ and the word ‘at’. The phrasal verb means ‘to reach an agreement’.)

My boss asked me to do away with my glasses as she said I look better without them.

(Here, the phrasal verb ‘do away with’ is made up of the verb ‘do’ and the words ‘away’ and ‘with’. The phrasal verb means ‘to get rid of something’.)




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