What are semi-colons used for and what do they mean ?

Time is of the essence . Please answer quickly

Semi colon is a mark of punctuation ( ; ) used to connect independent clauses and indicating a closer relationship between the clauses than a period does. It is used for different purposes at various places.

Semicolon is used in a complex sentence when we need to divide the chunks of words according to their meaning.

- A semi-colon is used for joining closely related independent clauses that cannot be joined with a conjunction.

For instance,

I did not create these circumstances; these circumstances created me.


- A semi-colon is used before transitional words and phrases that join independent clauses.

For instance,

I am not allowed to do this; however, in your case I am willing to make an exception.


- A semi-colon is used for separating a series of items that contain internal commas.

For instance,

The number of wickets taken by Joginder and the teams against which he did so are as follows: 39, South Africa; 35, England; 26, Australia; 15, New Zealand.

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