What are simple, compound and complex sentence?

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Here is an explanation for various types of sentences. Hope this helps:

  1. Instances:

  • His speed won him awards;

  • The moon was bright;

  • The road was clear;

  • He was a bright student.

These sentences have only one subject and one predicate and they are known as simple sentences. They have only one finite verb.

  1. Instances:

  • He was bright and he faired well in his exams;

  • The road was clear and we reached soon;

  • They fell asleep when we reached their place.

A sentence which is made up of Principal or Main clauses is called a Compound Sentence. The sentences have two parts joined by co-ordinating conjunction. Each part is known as a clause.

  1. Instances:

  • As soon as he reached the bus stop, the bus started moving at an increasing speed.

  • After the exam results were declared, even though it was expected he rejoiced at gaining the first position.

  • We reached the city and it was crowded and the lights went off.

A complex sentence is one made up of two or more Principal or Main clauses. They consist of three clauses of the same order or rank.


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