what are story about a man who locked himself in a room   ?why did mr.lamb narrate the story to him ? ​

give answer according to question langauge , not repsot previous wromg answer , give new answer in 5marks in easy answer  

Dear student 

Mr Lamb narrates to Derry a story of a man who locked himself up in his room. The man was afraid of everything and was scared that everything was trying to kill him. He was scared that a bus might run him over or that he might get infected by deadly germs. He was afraid that a donkey might kick him to death, or that lightning might strike him. 
The man was also afraid of other people's opinions. He was afraid that he might fall in love with a girl and that the girl might reject him, or that he might slip on a banana peel and fall, causing people to laugh at him. 
To avoid all of these, the man locked himself in a room, got into his bed and stayed there for a while. However, his fears soon came true, when a picture fell off the wall on to his head and killed him. 

Mr. Lamb narrated this story to Derry to make him understand that he can not fight destiny or keep himself self by avoiding public glare or going out. What is bound to happen, shall surely happen some or the other day. Thus, it is best to live life freely without fussing over the consequences.


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