what are the applications of Heating effects of electric current . [ joules heating ]

Following are some of the uses of heating effect of current:

  1. The working principle of a fuse wire is based on the heating effect of current. When high current flow through the fuse (current higher than the rated value) then the heat developed in the wire melts it and breaks the circuit.
  2. In electric iron, electric heat the heating effect of current is used.
  3. In an incandescent electric bulb (bulb with filament) the heating effect of current is used to produce light.

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The heating effect of current is utilized in electrical heating appliances such as electric iron, room heaters, water heaters, etc. All these heating appliances contain coils of high resistance wire made of nichrome alloy. When these appliances are connected to power supply by insulated copper wires then a large amount of heat is produced in the heating coils because they have high resistance, but a negligible heat is produced in the connecting wires because the wires are made to have low resistance.


heating effect aplications


The heating effect of electric current is utilized in electric bulbs for producing light. When electric current passes through a thin high resistance tungsten filament of an electric bulb, the filament becomes white hot and emits light.

An 'electric fuse' is an important application of the heating effect of current. When the current drawn in a domestic electric circuit increases beyond a certain value, the fuse wire gets over heated, melts and breaks the circuit. This prevents fire and damage to various electrical appliances.

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heating effects of current have many apllications like 

in gyser for heating water

in iron 

in heaters

in toasters and many more

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Applications of the heating effect of electric current include appliances like electric immersion water heater, electric iron box, etc. An electric fuse is an example for the application of heating effect of electric current.

  • Fan home heaters 
    Oil home heaters 
    Air dryers 
    Most kitchen ovens 
    Toaster oven 
    Electric blanket

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heating effect of current is used in :

heating appliances like heaters, gysers,tosters etc.

lighting a bulb

fuses of bulbs

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