what are the difference between binary and multiple fission? (3 pts plz)


* nucleus divides into two parts .

* occurs during normal conditions .

* cytoplasm dividesafter each nuclear division .

* gives rise to only two new individuals .

E.G . amoeba


* nucleus divides into many parts .

* take place during unfavourable conditions ( encysted stage)

* cytoplasm does not divide after every division .

* forms many individuals .

E.G. plasmodium

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binary fission: It rise to two individuals.

multiple fission: it rise to many individuals.

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binary amoeba
multiple plasmodium

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Binary Fission

1.single organism splits to form to new indivual

2.occurs during favourable condition

3. no formation of cyst is required

Multiple Fission

1. single indivual splits to form many organisms

2.occurs during unfavorable condition

3.formation of cyst is required

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1. in binary fission, nucleus of the cell splits into 2 nuclei to form 2 daughter cells at the same time while in multiple fission,the nuclei of cell get splits into many  nuclei to form  too many cells at the same time.

2.binary fission is done in amoeba while mutilple fission is done in  plasmodium(which is malarial parasite).

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1) Its mostly occurs in Amoeba.

2) Karyokinesis is followed by cytokinesis.

3) Single organism splits to form 2 new individuals.


1) It mostly takes place in Malarial parasite, Plasmodium

2) Karyokinesis and cytokinesis takes place simultaneously

3) Single organism splits to form numerous individuals

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